Joe Blow is a collection of verses which includes the story of a layman. I believe my words are not classic but to my sense I talk about profoundness. This anthology is very close to me as I have dedicated to my betterhalf, my bestest cobber. I believe that reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far around. By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This to me is a miracle.

Randhir kaur lighted the candles on 9th February 1997. She is born and brought up in India, Assam(Jorhat) city. She persuaded her schooling from St.Carmel Convent school and acquired her further education in Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. A writer by birth and a blogger.According to her she write to tell stories. She believe that there are some professions in the world that will last forever: doctor or a nurse, teacher, builder and a storyteller. Kaur write also to become herself, more so day by day. Writing is a way to shape out visible and invisible, in herself as well as in the world. The young girl believes in changing a mind because she is facing the ruthful sate of being treated vulnerable from a toddler to a feminine,just like the lemon juice astringes the tissue in the mouth similarly her throat is constricted because she is not actually her own version but a flunkey and an artifact. Her courteous manner shines despite of remaining very dark from inside,she is shining brighter day by day and the remorseful acts are making her a strong body. She is a warrior, a princess,a Kaur.

Bonmot Yarns means witty tales. Thus consisting of witty,lofty, sober, original and plain writings. This anthology includes the work of 100 writers from different states. It is wonderful to see different hues with azure and crimson ink bleeding from the heart of every respected poet. Every literary work in this book contains different emotions and keeping this thought in view , the author of Bonmot Yarns, Randhir Kaur decided to publish this book in the name of those people who are fond of writing. She wants to celebrate writing.

She is a murderer

Cops cannot nab her because she smiles superlatively.

She genocide the innocent people.

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I am happy but there is a pain in this gaiety. The mosses and thistle have turned their tint on the threshold. How more eon to be created, these collection of azure are getting shrivel. How more shall I live on the basis of this white papers. Everyday you are slaughtering me not with your aura but your letters.